Observer changelog

3 months ago

Auto-update fix for trials

This release will make sure trial users will also receive new updates.

3 months ago

7 day trial is now available

🚀 Performance improvements.
⏱ Try Observer for free for 7 days.

4 months ago

New configuration options and improvements

🏷 The label you can set per horizon instance is now shown in the top right corner
🔄 You can set your own data refresh interval per instance
👀 The Horizon secret is now a password field instead of a text field
🚀 Performance improvements

6 months ago

Add keyboard shortcut to switch between pages

  • You can now switch between Horizon pages using keyboard shortcuts. Use CMD/CTRL + digit to switch to a different page.
  • When adding a new instance the forward-slash is stripped automatically to prevent errors.
  • A few typos have been fixed.
7 months ago

Add Linux and Windows support

This version will introduce support for both Linux and Windows in addition to macOS.

7 months ago

Fix Let's Encrypt DST Root CA X3 Expiration issue

Due to a bug in Electron that did not accept the new root certificate by Let's Encrypt it was not possible to activate Observer.

8 months ago

Update dependencies and minor improvements

No description available for this release.

8 months ago

Initial release

Wohoo! 🎉 🚀